LSCU unveils Project 2020 to aid state level PACs during critical election

As the general election approaches, it’s crucial to support and vote for credit union-friendly candidates. While there is a lot of attention for the federal-level races, it is important to remember that state elections are equally as significant. Many key legislative priorities for our member credit unions are decided at the state level and it is paramount to make sure credit union-friendly candidates are elected into their respective offices. That is why LSCU is unveiling a new campaign called Project 2020 so we can end both the election season and 2020 strong.

Project 2020 is a campaign focused on corporate giving to our state-level PACs: ACULAC, Florida CUPAC, and Georgia CUPAC. Unlike individual contributions to CULAC or LSCU FedPAC, these dollars remain in the donor’s respective states. In other words, these corporate contributions go solely to state-level legislators and candidates who can have a massive positive influence on the credit union industry. Corporate giving is quick, easy, and the best way to show your credit union’s support of holding lawmakers and candidates accountable for their actions. Please take a moment to hear from three of our CEOs about their experiences with corporate giving:

David Marovich
President & CEO
121 Financial Credit

Steve Swofford
President & CEO
Alabama Credit Union

Brian Akin
President & CEO
North Georgia Credit Union

To make a corporate contribution to your state PAC or if you have any questions about PAC contributions in general, please do not hesitate to reach out to the LSCU Advocacy Team at any time. Thank you for your participation in LSCU PACs and your investment in credit unions’ legislative future in the Southeast.

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