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Bipartisan legislation known as the “SAFE Banking Act of 2023” has recently been introduced in both the U.S. House and Senate, providing federal protections for financial institutions serving cannabis businesses. As states across the country legalize some form of marijuana (including all three states in our footprint) and we work to see that legal businesses have access to critical financial services, we hope you will assist us in urging Congress to support this legislation by completing our Action Alert. It takes less than three minutes to create an account (if you do not already have one) and complete the alert. We recently launched a new Action Alert platform so you will note the new look.

While this legislation has passed the House seven times, the Senate has historically been our hold up, as leaders are adamant about attaching full decriminalization measures and/or social justice reforms. Following a recent hearing in the Senate Banking Committee (marking the first ever time SAFE has been heard in Senate committee), leaders on the committee have committed to getting it to the Senate floor, increasing our chances of passage and demonstrating support for this measure. With your help, we are hopeful to convince Senate leaders to advance the SAFE Banking Act as a standalone bill and pass this much needed legislation.

Please take just a moment to complete our Action Alert and, if you like, share this alert with your team to amplify our support.

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Lizeth George
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