The Florida State Capitol Building located in the city of Tallahassee, Florida.

Update on the Florida Qualified Public Deposits Program

The League of Southeastern Credit Unions (LSCU) is excited for Florida’s credit unions to navigate the Qualified Public Deposits (QPD) Program following the successful passage of HB 989 ahead of the effective date of July 1. Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) has indicated it will likely be the end of this week before the proposed rules are ready for public input. The proposed rulemaking process requires at least a 21-day comment period. Final rulemaking will proceed afterwards.

We are thrilled that the years’ long, hard-fought advocacy effort has culminated in the ability for credit unions to be QPDs. As we navigate the implementation of this win for credit unions and Floridians, we are prepared to help you and your teams navigate this process and will work to equip you with the best knowledge to make the right decision for your credit union.

Please reach out to Mat Willey if you have any questions.

Written by
Lizeth George
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