You Can Help with Project Zip Code…and it Can Help Credit Unions!

Project Zip Code (PZC) is one of LSCU’s most useful grassroots tools. The LSCU Advocacy Team is asking all participants to ensure their numbers are up to date. Please ensure you have asked your team to update their PZC numbers by visiting

PZC is a safe and easy-to-use computer program that counts your members and then tallies them by congressional district, state legislative district and county. These important numbers are uploaded to CUNA’s Project Zip Code website and combined with data from other credit unions across the nation.

This information can be used by credit unions to see where members are located geographically which can help credit unions determine where to locate ATMs and to better use shared branching.

The member’s information is completely secure with PZC. The number of credit union members is transmitted to the Project Zip Code national database and that’s it. Specific member data is not available to anyone outside your organization. 

Project Zip Code is compliant with the privacy laws created in Gramm Leach Bliley.

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Ann Naiman
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