Common Cents Podcast: Credit Union Advocacy and Alabama Politics

Calling all listeners! Brace yourselves for a brand-new episode of the Common Cents Podcast, where captivating stories from credit unions, lawmakers, and organizations come together to embody the very essence of “people helping people.” This time, we’re diving deep into the world of credit union advocacy and Alabama politics. Get ready for an insightful discussion that will leave you engaged and informed!

In this episode, we’re honored to have not one, but two remarkable guests joining us:

  • Alabama State Senator Greg Reed – Senate President Pro-Tempore and a distinguished Republican lawmaker from Jasper, Alabama –steps into the spotlight. A businessman with a passion for politics, Senator Reed takes us through his journey, his district representation, and the driving force behind his involvement in politics, and
  • Michelle Roth, Senior Director of Governmental Affairs in Alabama for LSCU, shares her invaluable insights as an advocate for credit unions. Discover how she appreciates the seamless collaboration between both chambers and their commitment to the betterment of Alabamians.

Our dynamic duo of guests takes center stage to address pressing questions that are reshaping the landscape of Alabama’s political and financial spheres:

The 2023 Legislative Session: Discover the highlights and the unexpected twists that shaped this year’s legislative session. Senator Reed reflects on both passed and pending matters that hold significance for him, paving the way for a promising future.

  • Empowering Financial Literacy: Witness a groundbreaking moment as we delve into the unanimous passage of HB164 co-sponsored by Senator Jay Hovey. This bill introduces essential financial literacy coursework to junior and senior high school students across Alabama.
  • Grassroots Engagement: Senator Reed shares his perspective on how collaboration between the grassroots level and decision-makers contributes to shaping policies that benefit the citizens.
  • Future Insights: Peering into the political horizon, Senator Reed divulges his predictions for the upcoming year. What legislative and political endeavors await in 2024?

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this captivating conversation. Tune in to the Common Cents Podcast and immerse yourself in the world of credit union advocacy and the intricate fabric of Alabama politics. Join host Mike Miller, a former TV news anchor and the Communications Manager for the League, as he navigates through stories that truly embody the spirit of “people helping people.”

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Lizeth George
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