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Convince your boss to send you to LSCU Leadership College

We know credit union staff want to grow within their credit union and the industry. After all, when you see the importance of helping people afford life firsthand, you naturally want to continue to do so throughout your career. The LSCU’s Leadership College sessions in Alabama, Florida and Georgia help individuals explore the world of leading, motivating, and inspiring people to work together and to work smart. The Leadership College offers a combination of virtual and in-person classes.

To help you get approved to attend the classes, we’ve come up with helpful tips to convince your boss to sign off on this special opportunity for growth.

How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Leadership College:

Let them know about your interest in learning opportunities
Leadership College trains you on a variety of tangible and intangible competencies including character, culture, coaching, communication, leading change and execution. The skills can be applied to a wide variety of areas in your job from project management to strengthening your working relationship with peers.

Explain how the training opportunity will benefit your company
The program provides hands-on methods to demonstrate the skills covered in the curriculum in both day-to-day and big-picture operations at your company. You will also have the chance to network with participants from other credit unions, discuss real-case scenarios, and learn proven strategies to show up as a leader in your role every day.

Express your desire for growth
Leadership College focuses not only on professional growth but also on personal growth to align you with values that set you up for success. Expressing your commitment to the company and desire to develop within your role makes your supervisor want to invest in you.

Meet Presenter Tony Moore
tony mooreTony Moore is a culture architect, keynote speaker, author and recovering human resource executive. Over the course of his more than 25 years in the C-suite, he has had the privilege of leading the people-side of multiple mergers and large-scale organizational turnarounds. Through this experience, Tony came to recognize culture as the soil in which everything in your organization lives or dies. His firm, Tony Moore Speaks, works with leaders who want to improve bottom-line performance by creating a culture of engagement and ownership. His goal today is simple and straightforward: present disruptive ideas that challenge our thinking, share solutions born out of experiences and provide inspiration that moves us to action.

Leadership College Syllabus:
Session 1: Character: Becoming the Leader People Follow by Choice
Session 2: Culture: Building a Culture of Engagement, Ownership, & Bottom-line Performance
Session 3: Coaching: Turning Homerun Hitters into Hall of Fame Players
Session 4: Communication: Engaging in Difficult Dialogue
Session 5: Leading Change: Honoring the Past, Pivoting toward the Future
Session 6: Execution: Harnessing Individual Action and Collective Power

  • Birmingham, Ala.:
    Feb. 18 (in-person)
    April 15 (virtual)
    June 30 (virtual)
    Aug. 19 (virtual)
    Oct. 21 (virtual)
    Dec. 9 (in-person)
  • Tampa, Fla.:
    March 4 (in-person)
    April 22 (virtual)
    June 2 (virtual)
    Aug. 26 (virtual)
    Oct. 28 (virtual)
    Dec. 16 (in-person)
  • Atlanta, Ga.:
    Feb. 11 (in-person)
    April 8 (virtual)
    June 24 (virtual)
    Aug. 12 (virtual)
    Oct. 14 (virtual)
    Dec. 2 (in-person)

• Small Asset ($99 million and under):
• Midsize Asset ($100 million to $499 million):
• Large Asset ($500 million and above):

Register here.

*While the LSCU plans to hold two sessions in-person for each location, we know how unpredictable circumstances are and will adjust accordingly to maintain the health and safety of attendees and venues.

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