The League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates is offering an opportunity to elevate expertise among credit union leaders in your organization with signature professional development training program.

The 2020 Leadership College will be held from January of 2020 until November of 2020 in Atlanta, Ga., Orlando, Fla. and Birmingham, Ala.

“The Leadership College is for both established and emerging credit union leaders looking to take that next step in their careers,” said Jennifer Martin, chief of staff and vice president of strategic initiatives at the LSCU & Affiliates. “The most important resource that credit unions have is their people — so investing in their teams and their team members’ talent is really important. Leadership College gives them a resources to grow that talent.”

The 2020 Leadership College will feature a one-day, in-person seminar each quarter, each covering a new topic. Throughout the year, participants will learn about leadership character, leadership communication and leadership coaching. These seminars will be hosted by Tony Moore, a keynote speaker, author and former human resource executive who spent more than 25 years in the C-suite. He considers himself a “culture architect.”

“LSCU has partnered with Tony for our own internal staff training. He’s dynamic and engaging,” she said. “While some training sessions can become dry, that’s never the case with Tony. He always facilitates plenty of discussion and interactive activities.”

In addition to the quarterly in-person meetings, Leadership College students will also participate in coaching sessions with Tony and a few peers over a webinar platform. These small-group sessions will build on whatever lesson was taught that quarter during the in-person class.

“That sort of one-on-one time with the instructor is definitely unique for a training program like this,” Jennifer said. “It gives participants an opportunity to learn how to apply that quarter’s lessons to their own credit unions and situations.”

Dates of each session varies by state.

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