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Join the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates (LSCU) on September 14 – 15, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. EST each day for a virtual Lending School. The first day will focus on Specialized Consumer Loan Sales training and the second day will focus on Specialized Underwriter training.

Day One: Specialized Consumer Loan Sales Training

Jessica Vartanian
Senior Consultant, CU Lending Advice

Jessica first began working with credit unions almost a decade ago after spending the first part of her career managing retail branches and working in public education. Over the years, Jessica’s work has received multiple awards throughout the credit union industry, making her a sought-after speaker, trainer, and mentor.

Training is primarily focused on building a performing loan and maximizing cross-sales and ancillary sales such as:


  • What Must Happen on Every Call
  • What a Good Notes Page Looks Like
  • Closing with the Relationship in Mind
  • Appropriate Cross-Sell Methods
  • Building Confidence over the Phone and Online
  • How to Take a Risk Based Loan Application
  • Reducing Risk through the Loan Interview
  • Selling Ancillary Products
  • Asking for Cash Down
  • Building a Performing Loan

Day Two: Specialized Underwriter Training

Don Arkell

Owner, CU Lending Advice

Don joined the Red Rocks Credit Union in Highlands Ranch, CO in 2007 and helped to establish a vibrant sales culture while transforming credit unions from full retail delivery to offering 100% of consumer loans and member service through remote delivery channels.

Don’s unique leadership style and passion for sales and leadership have made him a sought-after speaker, trainer, and strategist. He works with credit unions around the country helping them grow their loan programs, organizational design, lending technology and strategic planning.

Training is primarily focused on dealing with hot topics in Consumer Lending such as:


  • Principles of Successful Loan Decision Making
  • Bankruptcy Predictors
  • Lending on Old Collateral
  • FICO – What We Know From the Score
  • Loan Amount Guidelines
  • Total and Unsecured Debt Ratio Analysis
  • Lending to Young Borrowers
  • Lending to Self-Employed Members
  • The Proper use of Co-Signers
  • Real Risk Factors vs. Not-so-Real Risk Factors
  • Underwriting Higher-Risk Loans
  • The Underwriting Approaches Needed for Higher-Risk Loans
  • Principles of Successful Loan Decision Making
  • Debt Consolidation Loans


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