Today’s FREE Webinar Wednesday focuses on small business owners

You don’t want to miss today’s presentation in the FREE LSCU Webinar Wednesday series. Cameron Potts, vice president of corporate communication at Deluxe, will present Empowering a Revolution: What Deluxe Learned from Small Businesses. This session will provide insight into why Deluxe focused on small businesses and the lack of financial planning small business owners bring when starting a business. This topic is critical now more than ever because many small businesses all over the U.S. are in a fight to survive. These business owners are our neighbors, friends, family, and credit union members.

Next week’s session Crisis Management: Historical Wins & Losses will feature Pete Pritts, President/CEO of Corporate America Credit Union, who will share lessons learned from those who have successfully guided through a crisis as well as those who did the opposite. “A condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic, political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change.” This is the definition of “crisis” – sound like the state of the world? Although each crisis carries a unique underlying cause, brings unique challenges to the world, and requires unique resolution action, we can learn from history.

Check out the LSCU website for the full line-up of FREE webinars. All credit union professionals are invited and encouraged to attend. Register now to discover more about preparing your credit union for future success.

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