Introducing the CU Foundation XChange

The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation (SECUF) is thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new initiative called the CU Foundation XChange. This peer learning network is dedicated to fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing among credit union foundations across Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Industry leaders and fellow foundation professionals can come together to exchange information, ideas, and best practices, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities faced collectively.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the CU Foundation XChange is that it is a completely free program, meaning there are no costs or fees associated with joining or participating in this valuable initiative. SECUF believes that by removing financial barriers, more credit union foundations can unlock their full potential.

Credit union foundations that become a part of the CU Foundation XChange will gain access to invaluable insights from discussions on relevant topics led by experienced professionals and industry experts. This network provides an area to exchange best practices by sharing experiences and discovering successful strategies in addressing common challenges. The power of collaboration and networking comes into play through connections with like-minded professionals from various credit union foundations, building relationships and exploring opportunities for collaboration.

At the heart of the CU Foundation XChange is the belief that by fostering a community of support and innovation, credit union foundations can achieve their goals and make a positive impact on the communities they serve. By coming together, sharing knowledge, and learning from one another, they can collectively enhance their ability to support and empower their communities.

SECUF encourages credit union foundations to join the CU Foundation XChange today to take advantage of this peer learning network that provides the opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and grow alongside fellow credit union foundations. Together, we can create a stronger future for your foundations, your credit unions, and the communities you serve.

To learn more about the CU Foundation XChange and how to join, please contact SECUF Foundation Director, Bobbi Grady. SECUF looks forward to welcoming participants to this exciting initiative and is excited to embark on a journey of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

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Lizeth George
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