Southeastern Credit Union Foundation Partners with Georgia Credit Unions to Introduce the ALICE Report to Georgia

The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation (SECUF), in collaboration with credit unions across Georgia, is pleased to introduce the Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) — otherwise known as the ALICE Report Initiative — to the state of Georgia. This strategic partnership aims to comprehensively address the financial challenges faced by ALICE households in Georgia, raise awareness about their struggles, and identify collaborative solutions with Georgia credit unions and Georgia United Ways.

ALICE households represent a growing segment of U.S. families earning above the Federal Poverty Level, but grappling with basic expenses, such as housing, childcare, food, and healthcare. This diverse group includes individuals and families of all races, ages, ethnicities, and abilities. Many ALICE households juggle multiple jobs and still struggle to make ends meet.

The ALICE Report Initiative in Georgia will serve as a pivotal tool to illuminate the financial hardships experienced by ALICE households in the state. Key objectives of this initiative encompass:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: The ALICE report for Georgia will delve into the financial challenges faced by ALICE households, providing invaluable insights into their needs and experiences.
  • Raising Awareness: It will play a pivotal role in raising awareness of the daily struggles faced by ALICE households in meeting their basic needs, thus educating the public about their realities.
  • Collaborative Solutions: The report will identify opportunities for Georgia credit unions and United Ways to collaborate on tailored financial assistance programs, innovative solutions, and policy changes that can positively impact the lives of ALICE households.

The ALICE Report serves as a vital tool for Georgia credit unions to bridge the gap between low-paying jobs and the cost of basic survival. This advocacy tool aims to support ALICE households and drive positive change in their lives.

Currently, SECUF has successfully raised $27,500 toward the goal of $50,000 from Georgia credit unions.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with SECUF in introducing the ALICE Report to Georgia,” said Roy Bibb, CEO of MidSouth Community Federal Credit Union. “Through this initiative, we aim to create a profound impact on the lives of our community members by comprehensively understanding and addressing the financial hardships experienced by ALICE households. We also look forward to exploring potential partnerships with Georgia credit unions and Georgia United Ways in bringing about positive change for ALICE households in Georgia.”

For more information about the ALICE Report Initiative and opportunities for involvement, please contact Bobbi Grady, SECUF Director, at

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Lizeth George
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