CU Rate Reset offers loan acquisition, retention and reset platform

According to the NCUA, “Federally insured credit unions saw their assets grow by nearly 12% in the first half of the year, with much of that growth coming in the second quarter, when deposits at the financial institutions grew as members sought a safe place to store their money during the financial downturn associated with the coronavirus crisis, data released last week from the federal credit union regulator indicate.”

Credit unions are looking for ways to put deposits to work, and LEVERAGE partner CU Rate Reset can help. With prepayment speeds increasing due to Big Finance the Patented Reset Solutions will help credit unions s mitigate runoff. Rate Reset helps Financial Institutions be proactive and not reactive when it comes to retention of their lending portfolios. The CU Rate Reset Solutions completely eliminate the process of a traditional refinance.

A patented fully automated Reset Solutions will save credit unions back-office time and cost while providing a friction-less personalized experience for their consumers.

There are three simple steps on how to use the Reset Solutions. This entire process can be automated.

1. The Financial Institution will query its loans to see who should be eligible for a Reset offer.

2. The Reset offers will be sent to consumers through our built-in Omni-channel marketing capabilities.

3. The consumer will digitally review, sign and accept the offers in less than 90 seconds. The accepted offers are then funneled back to the Financial Institutions Core.

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