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LEVERAGE Payment Solutions Chargeback Recovery Services

Are you happy with your current provider for chargeback and dispute processing? Did you know LEVERAGE Payment Solutions can offer your credit union services for chargeback recovery efforts – all they need is access to the processor! Is it time for a conversation with LEVERAGE Payment Solutions?

Benefits of working with LEVERAGE Payment Solutions include:

  • Eliminating 100% of the credit union’s exposure to losses due to negligence
  • Transferring responsibility of handling customer disputes
  • CU’s spend less time and money on employee training
  • Dedicating more time to exploring profitable opportunities
  • Relying on industry experts to prepare fraud files with insurance providers
  • Discovering one solution for all cardholder disputes

“Our goal is to help our credit unions save time and money. Once you’re working with us, LEVERAGE Payment Solutions, we take over the heavy lifting so your credit union team has more time to spend directly with members. This is what we specialize in, we’re the experts,” explains Lindsey Cole, LEVERAGE Chief Operating Officer. “Card services are vital to any financial institution. Members need access to a knowledgeable team because when they’re calling us, most likely they are worried or upset. We are ready to help fix their issues and make sure your members are satisfied.”

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Ann Naiman
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