SCUCE Breakout Sessions: Tapping into the Treasury Management Business with Tru Treasury

According to industry tracker Coalition, “banks globally generated $209 billion in revenue from transaction banking, (in one year alone) which encompasses both cash management and trade finance, compared with the $172 billion brought in by their trading units.” And Tru Treasury says, “It’s credit unions’ turn…”

At the Southeast Credit Union Conference and Expo, on Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. join Tru Treasury CEO John Ballantyne while he discusses how credit unions can close the value gap of services offered by banks to businesses in their community with treasury management services.

“Banks have too much of the market share. In the credit union industry, we know this.  And that’s what Tru Treasury is here to do, to equal out that balance,” says John Ballantyne, CEO, Tru Treasury. “At SCUCE, I’ll have the opportunity to talk about how a robust treasury program brings value to the credit union and the businesses they serve. Expanding business services offers a significant opportunity for credit unions to both add value to their members and support its strength and continuity. Credit unions must be willing to reassess their perspective on business member services as they seek to continue to create value in the credit union space.”

Make sure to reserve your spot in the break-out session with Tru Treasury CEO John Ballantyne before it’s sold out!


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Ann Naiman
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