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Donating ‘Fair Share’ to SECUF empowers your credit union to help others

As your credit union sends in LSCU dues this year, we encourage you to support the many good works of the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation. Through the Fair Share program, the foundation ensures the continued growth of the programs and services it provides.

The foundation is dedicated to providing progressive professional development to credit union staff and volunteers, supporting financial education programs for youth and adults. And SECUF creates valuable resources for our member credit unions and the communities they serve.

“Your support makes our work possible,” said SECUF Director Juli Lewis. “Through Fair Share, we ask all credit unions to give to the foundation. Your support is crucial to the foundation’s ongoing efforts to empower credit unions and strengthen communities. Your participation will enable the expansion of our current programs and services to help serve our newly consolidated foundation.”

What we do:

  • Financial Literacy – enhance and build our resources to better enable credit unions to reach and provide guidance to their credit union members, students and the public at large.
  • Professional Development – increase the number of grants provided to credit union employees and volunteers to help them achieve professional excellence.
  • Community Development – equip credit unions to better serve low-income segments within their communities that fulfill their social responsibility to make financial services affordable and accessible to all members.

Disaster Relief – offer education on preparedness, access to resources and financial relief to credit unions and their employees in the wake of natural disasters or tragic events.

The foundation’s FiCEP course is resulting in strengthened employee understanding of members’ needs and how best to assist those in difficulties. One graduate from Coastline Federal Credit Union, based in Florida, has already begun helping members afford life. In one instance, Cindy Burgesshelped a 72-year-old member living on a fixed income save on his auto loan and his insurance, cutting his annual costs almost $500.

Cindy recalls, “Another member had over 13 NSF fees last year before I started helping him. We started prioritizing his bills, the amounts to pay on the bills, and when to use his credit cards.  We looked at all of his bills and decided to pay the minimum on all the large bills and were able to pay off two of his smaller bills by December. We also started paying his bills with official checks so he would know the exact amount of money he could spend throughout the month without overdrawing his account. We also let the member know about some of the free or discount services that he may qualify for based on his age and income. Going through the Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor training has helped us to help our members and to make a difference in our community.”

You can still donate your credit union’s Fair Share even if your dues have been paid. If you have not yet paid dues, simply check the box on your statement. If you need to know your Fair Share donation amount, call or email the SECUF Fundraising Coordinator Bobbi Grady at or 866.231.0545 ext. 2128.

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