Super Bowl party

What if your CU backed a team that won the Super Bowl?

By Maureen Bock
LSCU Senior Director, Education

super bowl billboardCredit unions always care about what is happening in their communities and within their SEGs. Not only does it keep them visible, but it allows them to give back and connect with members and potential members. This is especially true of the staff at Community America CU. They are immersed in the communities in and around Kansas City, Mo. And they recently stood behind their home town football team, the Kansas City Chiefs. No one was happier for their win on Sunday night at the Super Bowl than the credit union staff.

Community America CU is a $3 Billion community-based CU that contracted with Patrick Mahomes to be the Official Spokesperson for the CU and they are a sponsor of the team. Check out their CU Facebook– they are super excited!

Having the CU noticed in the community has brought opportunities. One day Lisa received a call from the KC Chiefs President/CEO. He liked what he had seen CU was doing in the community. The team had partnered in the past with local banks, but he wanted to talk. That started CU on an RFP process for sports. The CU only wanted to do it if they were a key partner- not just a billboard among others in a stadium. The CU won the bid for partnership with KC Chiefs and 25% of the stadium has the CU brand on it. The entire club level is branded with the CU name. And they won the opportunity to serve as the financial institution for the entire KC Chief organization as their Exclusive Banking Partner.

Lisa Ginter, CEO of the CU and 2019 GCUA/LSCU Idea Institute alumni speaker, shared her experience about this partnership/sponsorship last August. “Patrick Mahomes is an awesome young man,” Lisa told LSCU member credit unions. The CU was initially concerned about the character of any individual athlete/partner for an endorsement deal. “He is a great guy. I take care of him and his family- love them all. I watch out for all of them like they are one of my own.”

So, you can imagine what it feels like to have your home team win. Those of us in Georgia got a taste of what that would feel like with the Atlanta Falcons in the 2017 Super Bowl. This is a sweet time for the credit union and those in Kansas City. Not only because they love the Chiefs, but they believe in this organization. They support the needs of those in it from top to bottom. There is synergy between the Chiefs and the credit union. Both of which seem to be at the top of their game these days! Congratulations to the entire Kansas City Chiefs organization on your Super Bowl win and to the staff of Community America CU!

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